Sunday, November 06, 2016

AI and media

so we have this thing now where liberals can choose to only read liberal media, and conservatives select conservative media. steve was pointing out that as more content is created by AI, it won't just be liberal vs conservative, but your own micro-customized perspective fed back in your face.

i guess it seems almost inevitable, if the internet is designed to get you "the information you want", then that's whatever matches your views. you could change the objective to giving "the information you *should* have", but then somebody else has to decide what that is. maybe this is the trap all intelligent life falls into, and why we don't see them everywhere in the galaxy?

one glimmer of hope would be if we can build AIs that don't just maximize a value function, but are actually alive in a deeper sense, that they're on the edge of life and death, with a feeling of mystery and wonder.

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