Thursday, December 12, 2013

free energy hierarchies and pedagogy

last night somebody was spraying the sidewalk with water to clean it. but he was doing it at 6:30pm, the busiest time. he turned off the hose whenever someone was walking past (to avoid spraying them), and this meant he had the hose off 90% of the time. he was just spraying in little bursts when there was a gap in people.

i thought, shouldn't they do this at a different time of day? it's probably just poor management. if i were in charge, i would set it up differently.

then i thought, it's possible that they know something i don't know, and the best solution is actually to do it at 6:30pm for whatever reasons.

but this made me think about free energy and pedagogy.

in order to learn, i have to take action based on my current model and see the consequences. there may be a prediction error that drives an update of my model; then i involute this structure and the model gains richness.

people who take control of all aspects of their life in this way, fully inhabiting their current model to produce action and then incorporate the updates, probably involute the most of the world.

and "teaching" should based on this. getting students to take action based on their current model, in situations where they can incorporate the prediction error.